MARISSA (ΜAnaging eldeRly dIabetes and aSsociated Sarcopenia heAlth) Project been awarded to AfIC

AfIC together with VIDAVO S.A. and the University of Athens Medical School, participate, from December the 1st, 2023 and for 10 months, in an exciting trip, towards active and healthy aging for older people with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Sarcopenic Obesity. We have been successful with our proposal MARISSA (MAnaging eldeRly dIabetes and aSsociated Sarcopenia heAlth) and we have been awarded a cascade funding through the competitive 2nd Open Call procedure of the PHArA-ON HORIZON 2020 Large Scale Project (
MARISSA, aims to deliver a holistic solution for implementing personalized careplans, remote monitoring and health and quality of life status analysis, offering older adults with Diabetes Type II and Sarcopenia, their caregiver and healthcare professionals, timely and relevant physical, mental health, and wellbeing information, enhancing health literacy relevant to the chronic disease status and personalized support for behavioral change and goal achievement.
Good luck to all participants in the 2nd round of the Open Call and you will hear from us very soon!