Presentation of the VALUECARE H2020 project in the MedTech Conference 2021

The challenges in management of medical devices will be the focus of MedTech Conference 2021, which will totally virtual through the innovative platform LiveOn.The president of AfIC, Mr. Anastasios Rentoumis will be one of the presenters and will present the innovative H2020 project VALUECARE.  VALUECARE is focusing on the design, implementation and evaluation of personalized, integrated care services for seniors […]

Advocacy Campaign for Vaccination Uptake

We have cooperated with the Coalition for Vaccination and the European Association of Nurses Association (EFN) to create 3 video clips in 3 major European Languages (EN, DE, FR) in order to increase the uptake of vaccination by Health Professionals to other Health Professionals and Citizens across Europe! The Campaign runs in several websites, youtube accounts and fb all over […]

Report for Pharma Policies in Greece and the future of the Greek Pharma market

The Pharma innovation company Healthink ( contracted AfIC in order to develop the Report «Current Pharma Policies in Greece and Future Developments in the Greek Pharma Market». The report focuses on: Financial Adjustment Programs for Greece and the Pharma Sector, Pharmaceutical Expenditure, Global Budgets, Therapeutic Protocols/e-Prescription, New Expensive Drugs in the Market, Generics, Biosimilars, New Primary Health System,  DRG’s in […]