MARISSA kicks off with a Bang!

The MARISSA H2020 research project that improves the daily routine and quality of life of seniors with Diabetes and Sarcopenia, is in full implementation mode. The e-poster for the project from the AfIC team was awarded a commendation, among 112 e-posters by other distinguished researchers, during the proceedings of the 22nd Panhellenic Diabetes Congress held in late March in Athens. AfIC is using the innovative #vida24 platform to support the elderly patients and their family caregivers to carry out tasks that decrease the burden of Sarcopenia and even reverse the course of events.

The project MARISSA – MAnaging eldeRly diabetes & aSSociated Sarcopenia health -, was designed by the consortium that includes #Vidavo, the University of Athens Medical School and Alliance for Integrated Care (AfIC).