The AfIC team next to the Diabetic patients of MARISSA

Inclusion to the MARISSA project has started in Athens and AfIC Premises in late April 2024. 2 senior citizens with Diabetes Mellitus and Sarcopenia have signed the Informed Consent Form, have been successfully assessed for Sarcopenia Characteristics and their Care Plans have been completed online. The 2 patients have received training in the use of the app, the Smartwatch and the smart Body Mass Analyser. Now they will use these devices to continuously sent data to the Vida24 Platform in order to monitor progress with respect to their activities to decrease the burden of Sarcopenia in Diabetes. Another 18 patients will enter the study in May 2024.

Through the app, patients can take an active role in managing their healthcare with MARISSA’s supportive community at their side every step of the way

The studies are implemented by the project team of the Alliance for Integrated Care, in which they participate, Pathologist-Diabologist Ioulis Argyrakopoulou,  Psychologist Athina Markakis, Project Manager and president of the Board of Directors of S.O.F. Anastasios Redoumis, Nutritionist Evita Gitsi, and Communication Manager, Zoe Arvaniti.